What is Asset Tokenization?

TOKENIZATION can help you unlock the value of assets:
equity, debt, real estate, commodities and even works of art can
become liquid, tokenized and sold by fractions. Assets now can become liquid, tokenized and sold by fractions. Tokenize-IT
allows you to convert rights to an asset into one digital token.
And you will choose the prize at which you sell those rights/tokens.

And where’s the magic here?

We will provide you with the platform for your Initial Coin Offering. You will then be able to sell them in fractions, naming their price, and building a market within that single digital property; opening also the possibility of even re-acquiring those tokens later. Best of all, it is secure.

About Tokenize-IT

What we have built and launched at Tokenize-IT is the very First Fully Compliant Platform For Creating, Launching And Investing In Tokenized Assets.

Companies can conduct a compliant security token offering for verified accredited investors with both fiat and digital currency contribution options. Investors can use our platform for securely storing their security token investments and managing their portfolio in a single dashboard. Through our bank-grade compliancy standards, we ensure full KYC/AML due diligence is completed before an investor participates on our platform and meets accredited investor status.

Our Existing Financial Services Licenses And Being Domiciled In Costa Rica, We Are Prepared To Service The Next Generation Of Technology Businesses

Tokenizing The World

In Costa Rica where you’ll be able to acquire a broker/dealer license, we own the majority position of the commodities in the country, with the support of the Costa Rican government.

We will give you banking, finance, customer service, assistance in launching and sustaining your own ICO venture. There is decades of experience inside our team, all in one single platform.

Investor Process

  • Signup
  • Accreditation
  • Invest

Client Process

  • Apply
  • Listing
  • Investment
  • Management

Future Of Blockchain & Financial Services (Tokenizing Assets)


Our experienced team

Our Advisory Board

Strategic Partnerships

Genesis Blockchain Technologies

Genesis will be our preferred security token exchange partner for our clients to get liquidity once they complete a token offering with our platform.


Bol Crypto will provide our clients with full end to end fiat solutions including bank accounts and credit cards.