About Tokenize-IT

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What we have built and launched at Tokenize-IT is the very first fully compliant platform for creating, launching and investing in tokenized assets.

Companies can conduct a compliant security token offering for verified accredited investors with both fiat and digital currency contribution options. Investors can use our platform to store their security token investments and manage their portfolio in a single dashboard with senior cybersecurity attention. Through our bank-grade compliancy standards, we ensure full KYC/AML due diligence is completed before an investor participates on our platform and meets accredited investor status.

Our Existing Financial Services Licenses And Being Domiciled In Costa Rica, where we Are Prepared To Service The Next Generation Of Technology Businesses.

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Our Experienced Team

Pablo Gonzalez
Mauricio Lara
Sal Ocon
James Jara
Ronald Rojas
Sean Schnapp