Tokenize All the Things and What Happens Next?

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Feb 11, 2017

Tokenization is a method that converts rights to an asset into a digital token. These tokens use Blockchain technology because it is a public ledger that is immutable, it ensures that once you buy tokens, nobody can "erase" your ownership even if it is not registered in a government-run registry Unlock the real value of assets, equity, debt, real estate, commodities and even works of art.

Industries are becoming aware, acknowledging that properties and resources can now become liquid, tokenized and sold by fractions. They are seeing profit in the initiative, and there are high expectations about them jumping on board pretty soon. What Tokenize-IT has built and recently launched is the very First Fully Compliant Platform For Creating, Launching And Investing In Tokenized Assets.

Companies can conduct a compliant security token offering for verified accredited investors with both fiat and digital currency contribution options. Investors can use the platform for storing their security token investments and managing their portfolio in a single dashboard. Through bank grade compliancy standards they assure complete and full KYC/AML due diligence before an investor participates on the Tokenize-IT platform and meets accredited investor status.

During the last two decades, the country of Costa Rica has become a haven for investors, from entrepreneurs to big transnationals such as IBM or Amazon, the government constantly widens boundaries for offshore and onshore businesses. Right now, Next-Gen technology companies (blockchain) are lacking financial services to build and operate compliantly. Tokenize-IT has the ability to provide banking, finance, customer service, assistance in launching and sustaining an investor's ICO venture.

The company owns the majority position of the commodities in the country with the support of the Costa Rican government, which sees cryptocurrency as a commodity not as a security.

Thus, Tokenize-IT represents a disruptive and massive positive revolution in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. An 'all included package' where a single platform will motivate new and old initiatives to invest and profit from the emerging digital economy.